Chihuahua Congressman says AMLO’s Electricity Reform will scare investment away

Jorge Soto

Chihuahua Congressman Jorge Soto declared: “AMLO lives in the past,” and stressed that with the electricity reform proposed by the president and approved by Morena and allied parties by a majority, investments in the country and in the state of Chihuahua will be scared away. 

He pointed out that the current government will implement reforms that will pollute the country, by returning to dirty energies, such as coal, leaving aside other clean energies such as wind and solar. 

“(AMLO) wants Mexico to go 50 years back in time. Obviously, this means driving away investment, it means polluting our country (even more), returning to dirty energies and the impact that this means for the generation of jobs and possibilities of having a better quality of life ”. 

Soto stated that his party, the National Action Party, will pronounce and point out what they consider are bad decisions made by the federal government and that greatly affect states like Chihuahua. 

“At the local level, there are many investments in progress. Nothing less in Juárez itself, million-dollar investments in energy, and there are many solar farm projects throughout the state. If we have something in the state, it is sunshine, and this will stop investments that were already underway, “he concluded.

Source: El Diario de Chihuahua

The Chihuahua Post