Volaris denies that the airline’s plane crashed in Chihuahua


The airline Volaris denied that one of its planes has crashed on Friday

On December 24, the media reported the alleged crash of a Volaris airline plane. 

The plane took off from the Mexico City International Airport ( AICM ) bound for Chihuahua, local media reported.

Although no injuries were reported, there were those who suffered nervous breakdowns.

According to the first reports released in the media, Volaris flight 0725 took off on Friday morning from the AICM. When it was taking off from the runway, the plane suffered a mishap that made it return to the ground.

Until yesterday the airline had not commented on the matter.

But this Sunday Volaris said that all its flights “have operated normally.”

In a Twitter comment, the airline said:

“This is fake news that we ask not to spread due to the sensitivity of the issue. The safety of our operation is our priority ”.

After several users on Twitter shared the news, the airline again denied the facts.

“Hi Guillermo. All of our flights have taken off and landed normally. We regret that this type of false information is disseminated, “he replied to @memobarba.

And in a third comment, Volaris reiterated that all its flights “have operated normally.”

Source: 24-horas.mx

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