Oaxaca in Chihuahua: stalls of native products are installed


Merchants from the state of Oaxaca recently set up stalls to sell their endemic products in the city of Chihuahua.

In mid-October they set up their stalls, where they offer common foods from Oaxaca such as quesadillas, tamales, mole, honey, quesillo, chocolate, sweets, cream bread as well as liqueurs with different flavors.

They also take with them to the north of Mexico artisan and natural soaps , seeds , toys that are part of the Oaxacan culture and offer it to Chihuahuas every day from morning until around 10:00 pm

The above takes place in the 5 de Febrero Park , located at the intersection of Ignacio Ramírez and 20ª streets with the limit of 20 de Noviembre and 22ª streets, in the Pacifico neighborhood.

They indicate that they will be in the place until next October 31.

It is worth mentioning that in previous years, during autumn dates, people from the state also arrived in the south of the country to trade their products in the Chihuahuan capital.

Source: tiempo.com.mx

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