Grow your business in Chihuahua, know its competitive advantages


If you are thinking of doing business outside your home state or residence, we recommend you to evaluate Chihuahua, which is today among the ten most competitive entities in the country. In fact, in 2023 the state of Chihuahua rose four positions in the Competitiveness Index. It went from twelfth to eighth place nationally.

According to the analysis of the Mexican Institute for Competitiveness (IMCO), Chihuahua was the second state that showed the greatest progress compared to the previous edition. The IMCO index evaluates how attractive the entities are for attracting investment and talent development, and takes into account the living and employment conditions.

Nearshoring has played a key role in advancing competitiveness. Companies see great opportunities and advantages in Chihuahua. It is the first national place in manufacturing employment with more than 447,226 workers. It has 53 industrial parks and a capture of 1,518 million dollars of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), in the third quarter of 2023.

The multinational EssilorLuxottica, world leader in the production of lenses, recently inaugurated in Chihuahua the new SOFI II plant. For its part, Honeywell, manufacturer of household appliances, has installed in Chihuahuan territory the most important machining center in Latin America. In addition to the nearly 500 manufacturing companies installed in the entity of Chihuahua.

“The state of Chihuahua rises as the number one in exports thanks to the fact that companies recognize the importance and value that is given to the investment of foreign resources, which last year amounted to more than 4 billion dollars,” says Maru Campus, governor of Chihuahua.

Grow and enhance your business in the state of Chihuahua

Companies that are looking for better living conditions can find in Chihuahua quality of Chihuahuan labor, as well as the latest technologies in automation in different sectors or industries. Chihuahua can become a unique opportunity to boost the sustainable growth of your business.

Chihuahua is an entity in the north of the country that has the best conditions to attract investments related to nearshoring, which is evident by its deployment of logistics and energy infrastructure. In fact, according to the Competitiveness Index, it is the best evaluated state in international openness.

“The State Government through the Secretariat of Innovation and Economic Development (SIDE), we are committed to maintaining the necessary conditions to position Chihuahua as one of the most competitive and prosperous regions of Mexico, together with the productive, academic and civil society sectors,” says Governor Maru Campos.

Start your project in the north of the country!

So, if you are a company that is looking to find a city that offers skills ad-hoc to what you are producing, consider the state of Chihuahua that is very focused on attracting high-value businesses and organizations. For example: the Regal Rexnord plant, manufacturers of electric motors, is already in Chihuahua.

From September 2021 to November 2023, 111 new investment projects were consolidated, representing more than 60 thousand new jobs in different Chihuahuan municipalities. Therefore, do not hesitate to approach the state government of Chihuahua to introduce yourself more to the advantages of the entity, as well as the benefits of settling in it.

We assure you that in Chihuahua you will find very valuable tools for the start of your project. The State Government closed 2023 with 38 projects, of which 28 are new operations and ten expansions. This adds more than 13 thousand new jobs for the next five years in the automotive, aerospace, electronics, metalworking and medical devices.

Source: Emprendedor