López Obrador to Trump: “The borders between Mexico and the United States cannot be closed”


After Donald Trump’s victory in the Iowa caucus, an internal election of the Republican party, the Mexican president responded to the anti-immigrant rhetoric of the candidate in the United States

After Donald Trump’s victory in the Iowa caucus, the Mexican president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, assured that the anti-immigrant rhetoric of the candidate seeks to obtain more votes. The former US president, who is running for this year’s elections, won an internal primary of the Republican party on Monday, which brings him closer to the official candidacy of the party. His victory came a few days after he assured his followers that he would stop the “invasion” of undocumented people to his country.

“It is part of the campaigns in the United States, many things are expressed in the campaigns to try to win votes, however the borders between Mexico and the United States cannot be closed,” López Obrador said on Tuesday during a morning press conference at the National Palace. Keeping the border open “is fundamental for economic, social integration, good neighborliness is indispensable,” added the president.

López Obrador assured that closing the border for a single day would generate huge losses for US and Mexican companies. “All this has to do with the campaigns … President Trump is ahead, he has beaten (Ron) DeSantis who also has an anti-immigrant speech because they think that way they get votes,” said the Mexican president.

The number of undocumented people seeking to migrate to the US through Mexico has generated tensions between the governments. On December 27, López Obrador received in Mexico City the US Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, and the Homeland Security Secretary, Alejandro Mayorkas, to address the problem. At the same dates, a caravan of thousands of migrants from Honduras, El Salvador, Venezuela or Haiti, among other origins, crossed the Mexican territory to reach the northern border.

The former president Trump’s victory in Iowa on Monday reinforces him as the favorite for the presidential nomination, while Governor DeSantis is in second place. On Friday, Trump said at a rally that voting for him would be “to stop the invasion of millions of people, coming from unknown places”.

Source: El Pais