Five destinations in Mexico if you want to spend a white Christmas

Barrancas del Cobre, Chihuahua

There is more than one destination where you can enjoy this fun and freezing natural phenomenon.

Although the country is not a place that is distinguished by its snowy landscapes, there are some places in the states that offer you real snow shows in Mexico. The dream of knowing that cold place where the streets, mountains, and main avenues are painted white is closer than you imagine.

In Mexico there is more than one destination where you can enjoy this fun and freezing natural phenomenon, that is why we share five places where you can be in contact with nature but in a cold environment.

The Nevado de Toluca

The original name of this extinct volcano is Xinantécatl, it is said to be the highest mountain in Mexico at 4,600 meters high. The first snowfalls occur between December and January, this is how its nine peaks are dressed in white creating one of the best natural views in the surroundings of the city of Toluca.

This place is very crowded because during your visit you can go hiking and climb two of its most popular peaks: Águila and El Fraile, which surround a part of its crater. In this way, it is possible to contemplate the lagoons of the Sun and the Moon.

You can also do extreme activities such as rappelling, mountain biking, climbing, or mountaineering.

Its name comes from Nahuatl and means “naked man” since its shape resembles a lying man without clothes

Copper Canyon, Chihuahua

This is one of the most popular destinations in the Sierra Tarahumara, as it fills with snow and the cold is extreme during winter. The passages make its visitors fall in love, one of the best ways to get to this place is by leaving the city ​​of Chihuahua through El Chepe and enjoying a special train trip.

Some of the activities that can be done are camping, mountaineering and mountain biking. Another of the experiences that you can live when entering the mountains is talking with the Rrámuris .

They get their name due to the reddish hue obtained by many of its walls, longer and deeper than those of Arizona

The peak of Orizaba, Veracruz

One of the best times of the year to visit this destination, without a doubt is winter because this place full of tradition tells the legend that the god Quetzalcóatl climbed one day on the slopes of this volcano looking for the way to eternity, but when he arrived to the crater, the fire burned his body and his soul took the shape of a quetzal.

Another option is to visit the Orizaba National Park where you can go hiking in the mountains, mountain biking or hiking to take pictures of the wonderful landscapes, including crystal clear rivers and canyons.

It has erupted 23 times and is the seventh highest mountain in the world / Photo: Courtesy | Pinterest

Popocatepetl volcano, Puebla

Despite the fact that climbing the Popocatépetl volcano is not allowed due to its great eruptive activity, you can visit the Itza-Popo Zoquiapan National Park, one of the oldest protected reserves in the country that protects the Sierra Nevada mountains, from where it is possible see snow in Mexico.

You can find six perfectly signposted hiking trails that you can follow on your own.

Due to its Nahuatl origin, its name means “smoking mountain”, due to its height it is the highest peak in Mexico after Pico de Orizaba

La Rumorosa, Baja California

This is a destination that is covered in snow in winter and its name comes from the sound that the wind makes when it hits its rock formations and voices seem to be heard.

After traveling the road full of dangerous curves that winds through the Sierra Juárez and is part of the Federal Highway of Tijuana – Mexicali, you can reach this place with panoramic views of copper-colored rock formations created by erosion.

This region is known as La Rumorosa because of the peculiar sound of the wind that passes between the rock formations

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