Baja Californians who gathered on December 24 are already reaching hospitals


We are going to pay for December 31 between January 10 and 14,” said the Secretary of Health.

Baja California adds 825 active cases of coronavirus, most of them located in Tijuana (314). In addition to accumulating 34 thousand 146 confirmed cases and 5 thousand 567 deaths.

“Right now we are paying the dates December 24. All those who met on December 24 are already arriving at the hospital, “said Health Secretary Alonso Pérez Rico this morning, adding,” We will pay for December 31 between January 10 and 14 ” .

According to the Secretary, the hospitals that treat patients with coronavirus in the entity report an occupancy of 73.68 percent in general, the highest being those of the Ministry of Health with 80 percent, while those of the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) have an occupation of 66.67 percent.

In addition, the state dawns with only 241 available beds and 142 ventilators, while 547 patients are hospitalized for Covid-19, and 176 require automated mechanical ventilation.

Given the lack of social distancing, the doctor said that those who have done so have been saved from being exposed to Covid-19, getting sick and having to fight for their lives. But those who do not respect this measure, he assured, “have been very lucky or it is just a matter of time, that simple.”

To end his report, Pérez Rico mentioned that “the Covid managed to show the deficiencies in relation to infrastructure, the deficiencies in the doctors that were being trained, in the last year we doubled the number of specialist doctors that are going to be trained in Mexico, that should have been done a long time ago. In Baja California we lack one hospital per city, which had to have been done decades ago, the Covid came to expose all that we had lagged behind in terms of health, and in the end we have to work a lot on that issue ”.


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