Vallarta Shores fined for 2 guests having sex in public public


The director of Inspection and Regulations of the municipality, José Juan Velázquez Hernández, informed Tribuna de la Bahía that an administrative procedure was initiated against the Vallarta Shores company by drawing up a closing warning certificate for lack of morals, therefore you will have to pay a fine. 

This, after it became viral on social networks that some individuals from the LGBT community had sexual relations in broad daylight and were filmed on a balcony of the rooms that said complex rents, located in Olas Altas

The municipal official mentioned that once they had personal knowledge of their area, they went to this place to issue the fine and sanctions, which could be corroborated by this means of communication, they will have to pay a fine and if incurred again they will be closed.

It is worth mentioning that the Regulation for the Exercise of Commerce, mentions that any act that entails faults in morality is infringed.

That is why Mantamar at the time was noticed by what happened in the transparent pool where subjects were also recorded having sexual relations in broad daylight.


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