The NEW models of chocolate cars that can be regularized in June 2023


With the objective that a greater number of owners of vehicles of foreign origin that are in Mexico illegally can regularize their situation, Federal Government announced which are the new models of chocolate cars that will be available in June 2023, with which the final stretch of the regularization process of these units is approaching, which is carried out before the Public Vehicle Registry (REPUVE).

With these new models, it will be possible to greatly increase the number of chocolate cars to be regularized, since up to now there are just over a million and a half vehicles of foreign origin that have participated in this process, which is done in exchange for 2,500 pesos, which are intended to improve the roads and highways of our country, so the month of June 2023 will be crucial for this new decree.

Chocolate cars are those that entered Mexico illegally because they did not pay the corresponding taxes for their importation, which is why they are prohibited from driving on the streets and avenues of our country. But this 2023, a decree that allows these vehicles to be regularized and now, new car models will be able to participate in this process from the month of June are still in force.

These are the chocolate car models that can be regularized in June 2023

The situation of regularization of these units could have a boost in the next few hours because, according to Jorge Sobrevilla Castillo, leader of the Unión Campesina Democrática (UCD), he revealed that new models of chocolate cars can be regularized as of June 2023, then, the catalog of units that can participate in this process will be expanded, which will allow them to circulate throughout Mexico.

We are going to start with the regularization of the vehicles that begin with a letter in the serial number and right now, we know that all year long it was cars that began with a number from 1 to 5.

When the process to regularize chocolate cars began, only vehicles with a serial number with a digit at the beginning of the VIN were allowed to participate in this process. These letters indicate that they were manufactured or marketed in the United States and Canada but, with the changes that will take effect during June 2023, cars that have been assembled or sold in other parts of the world such as Japan, Germany or South Korea may be nationalized.

To end his contribution to the Tamaulipas newspaper ‘Hoy’, the UCD leader revealed that during June 2023 the site will be opened so that owners can obtain an appointment to regularize the chocolate cars, so they better have the documentation required at hand, to be able to carry out this process legally and that the new models that will have this possibility do so as soon as possible.

These are the requirements to regularize chocolate cars in June 2023

The first of the requirements that chocolate cars that want to be regularized must meet is that they must be of the 2017 or earlier model and that they are not electric or luxury units, in addition to having the title of ownership that is delivered in the country of origin, official identification and proof of address.

Once you meet all the requirements, you will be able to regularize one chocolate car per person, this after making an appointment with the REPUVE so that a payment link for 2,500 pesos is generated so that you can obtain an in-person appointment where an exhaustive review of the vehicle to find out if it is in good condition to receive a new set of plates with which they can circulate in Mexico.

Source: Terra