American woman goes berserk on a Latino couple in New Mexico and yells at them to “get out of her country”


A white woman went berserk on a Latino couple over the weekend, stopping cars in an Albuquerque mall parking lot to tell the pair to leave the country and “go back to Mexico”—all because they used a crosswalk.

On Sunday, August 6th, Jonathan Gonzalez posted a TikTok of the incident that has since gone viral, garnering millions of views.

According to local outlet KOAT 7 Action News, Gonzalez, and his girlfriend were shopping at the Coronado mall during New Mexico’s tax-free weekend and started to walk through a parking lot crosswalk when a driver wouldn’t let them pass. Then, he said the woman began to follow them.

“I was scared for my girlfriend because she was walking alongside where the woman was driving,” Gonzalez told the outlet. “The woman wouldn’t stop yelling and honking. She didn’t put her window down, but when we turned around, she got out of the car.”

In the video, a Volkswagen—with its driver’s door left open—has blocked cars outside of a Barnes & Noble.

“Get your ass out of my fucking country!” a woman wearing sunglasses screams into the camera. “I put my life on the line for this country, not your fucking shithole! Go back to Mexico, you shithole!”

Then, the woman claims to a “liberal” bystander that Gonzalez pushed her car.

In a second video, Gonzalez posted the woman continues arguing outside of the Volkswagen.

“Who you gonna call?!” she shouts. “The cartel?!”

In a separate video filmed by Johan Breur and uploaded by his fiancée’s aunt, who goes by @smmontoya11, cars repeatedly honk their horns while the woman argues with bystanders and other drivers.

“Who the fuck are you?!” the woman yells. “You want a part of this?!… Mind your own fucking business!”

“Bye, Karen! Bye, Karen!” a driver screams at the woman.

Breur told The Daily Beast Wednesday that he was waiting for his fiancée, who was inside the mall when the angry woman attempted to take a few swings at the Latino couple. He claimed the woman was upset because she didn’t want to yield to the couple while driving.

“It was crazy she would move to New Mexico if she had issues with Mexicans. Then I got confused because she started yelling at the ‘liberal guy’ and bringing up that he was white, Breur said.

“Eventually she drove off aggressively giving everyone the finger.”

Comments across social media kept pointing out the irony of the woman living in New Mexico while being anti-Mexico.

“She lives in New… Mexico, and she has a problem with Mexicans,” one user on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter, wrote.

“A racist in New Mexico I find ironic for some reason,” another user tweeted.

The woman’s identity has not been confirmed, and Gonzalez told KOAT that he did not file a police report. However, the incident was still “traumatic.”

“Something like this is not fair,” he said. “To be treated this way is not fair, because anyone that would go to my home country in Mexico, would be treated really well. We would accommodate them; we would feed them. Mexico is not bad.”

Gonzalez did not immediately respond to The Daily Beast’s request for comment.

Source: The Daily Beast

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