San Cristobal de las Casas urgent needs for blood donations


Julio César López Cancino, head of the hospital transfusion service at the Women’s Hospital, in San Cristóbal de Las Casas, invited the general public to donate blood since due to the Covid-19 pandemic, his staff has not been able to carry out the campaigns that it usually carries out in schools or in the squares.

In a telephone interview, he said that there is no risk whatsoever for people who come to donate to the blood bank since all the necessary sanitary measures are taken.


“If a suspected Covid-19 patient arrives, we have a special area, she does not get involved with us, it is a separate conversion area, with restricted access, and if there were, she would be treated at the Covid de la Albarrada hospital”, Indian.

He stressed that the blood bank should have about 100 units weekly and 200 monthly, which is the average used in obstetric patients and in children who are in intensive care who also consume.

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“There is a lot of demand for blood because it is a concentration hospital, that is, it serves patients from the 18 municipalities of the highlands of Chiapas, we have had cases of patients with low hemoglobin”, we work through voluntary donation campaigns with schools, companies or we settled in the squares, which has harmed us because we have not been able to carry out the campaigns, so we invite people to come and donate, “he mentioned.

He added that donating blood does not affect at all, since a person has five liters; The next day, he recovered the volume of 450 donated units and in three weeks he recovers all the components because the body itself restores them.

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“There are many myths about donating blood, but they are just that, myths, because it does not affect the body at all, on the contrary, there is a moral benefit because it helps a person who needs it and a physical benefit, because in the men, for example, helps the blood to be continuously renewed, it does not accumulate iron and they are less prone to a heart attack ” , he concluded.


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