Oaxaca hoteliers promote regional tourism to reactivate the economy


The president of the Mexican Association of Hotels and Motels (AHMO), José Rivera, reported that the promotion of regional tourism will be the way to recover the influx of visitors in Oaxaca.

“This 2021, Oaxaca has the elements to be a success in starting gradually with the reactivation of the economy,” he said.

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The hotel businessman pointed out that Oaxaca ended 2020 with a percentage of 18.6% in attracting tourism, while in 2019 it had achieved up to 80% of average hotel occupancy.

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For this reason, he mentioned that to overcome the low numbers as a consequence of Covid 19, the challenge is to activate regional tourism, that is, for Oaxaqueños to do tourism in the state.

“We hold hands with all the providers to be able to leave and therefore, tourism has to be first regional, among ourselves the Oaxacans visiting Oaxaca, only then can we start with the economic reactivation, because international tourism will arrive until all measures are regulated, ”he said.

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José Rivera said Oaxaca was listed by Travel and Leisure magazine as the first destination city in the world, the international travel search engine Kayak placed the state among the 5 most sought-after places to visit, while Vogue magazine mentioned Oaxaca as one of the best destinations to celebrate weddings.

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“In gastronomy, our tlayuda wins on the subject of street food, that is, Oaxaca is catapulted nationally and internationally, we have the Safe Travels seal,” he highlighted.

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