Belize Free Zone will open to Quintana Roo on February 1st, 2021


The executive cabinet of the Belize Free Zone determined the opening of this place as of February 1. To comply with the rules and regulations of the neighboring country’s health department, a sanitation tunnel and health protocol implementation equipment will be installed, which has had an extraordinary cost for entrepreneurs.

Through a statement dated January 12, and after holding a meeting where they discussed the opening date of the Corozal free zone, the cabinet of that place determined the reopening of its activities on Monday, February 1, after remain closed to the public for almost 11 months due to the pandemic.

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Since March 21, 2020, the Belizean government announced the closure of the free zone dedicated to wholesale and retail trade for the passage of people, mainly from southeastern Mexico and northern Belize.

“We are pleased to inform you that the cabinet met on January 12 and put the opening of the Corozal free zone under discussion. The cabinet agreed that the Corozal free zone would resume operations on February 1, 2021, ”the statement said.

In it, they urge investors “who have not yet collected their tax letter for the opening of the free zone to do so now and make their contribution promptly.” It is a resource available to acquire the equipment for the sanitation tunnel and other equipment necessary for the implementation of the safety and health protocols recommended by the Belize Department of Health to prevent the spread of COVID-19 cases.

The statement advises investors to finalize all arrangements and preparations to comply with the standards and regulations of the health department, for example, authorization from the health inspector as a prerequisite for any company to be able to resume operations.

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Last December, the director of the Belize Chamber of Commerce, Daniel Torres Mora, indicated that they had suspended the possibility of opening because “reality caught up with them”, referring to an outbreak in many places; however, he stressed that the opening represents a release for stores and a hopeful message for commerce.


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