A critical health situation is coming for Guerrero after opening up to tourism


The bill is being paid for the holiday season, due to the increase in cases, hospitalization and deaths from Covid-19, assured the Secretary of Health, Carlos de la Peña

The secretary of health in Guerrero, Carlos de la Peña Pintos, warned that, in the coming days, the entity will experience a critical situation due to an increase in cases, hospitalization, and deaths from Covid-19, because the bill for the December holiday season is being paid. .

During his participation in the daily case update conference, the state official said that infections are increasing in a worrying way in Acapulco, which has 203 assets, so the port will show a rebound in the coming weeks.

So far, the entity adds 26,930 infections and 2,766 deaths from Covid-19, while 501 people remain with the virus active in their body, of these 203 are in Acapulco, 62 in Chilpancingo, 53 in Iguala, 39 in Taxco de Alarcón, and 15 in Tecpan de Galeana.

“In the last 24 hours 168 new infections were detected and in the next few days we are going to experience a critical situation in terms of increased cases, hospitalization and deaths, we are paying the bill for what we experienced in the month of December, we must understand that, these are the results ”, he expressed.

Regarding hospitalization, there are a total of 292 hospitalized patients, of which 106 are reported as stable, 135 are still serious and 51 remain in critical condition when they continue to be intubated due to acute respiratory complications.


Of the 645 Covid beds available in the entity, 292 are occupied, which represents 45 percent, when in November it was 25, so hospitalization almost doubled after the December holiday season.

To date, the Ministry of Health has applied 52 thousand 548 laboratory tests, of which 22 thousand 013 have been negative, 3 thousand 605 remain as suspects and 20 thousand 542 people have recovered from this disease.

Source: elsoldeacapulco.com.mx

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