Illegal migrants to Mexico complain about INM procedures


The National Institute of Migration (INM) has established a new modality for foreigners in Tapachula to carry out their procedures for legal stay in the country. The measure, which will take effect from this Monday, consists of requesting appointments through the internet, which has further afflicted hundreds of migrants who remain on the streets and waiting outside the immigration regularization offices.

The institute dependent on the Ministry of the Interior keeps about 500 Central Americans and at least 300 Cubans seeking resolution, who remain posted outside these offices located south of Tapachula.

Both Central Americans and islanders have divided into two groups to receive care, but now those from the Northern Triangle (Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador), denounce favoritism towards Cubans who have been able to streamline their procedures.

Migrants accuse more obstacles in applying for permits to legally stay in the country; They are in subhuman conditions and with torturous procedures.

Clara Maldonado said that she arrived with the mud up to her chest from Honduras. She claims that she lost everything during the tropical storm IOTA. She now remains on one of the sidewalks of this immigration office waiting to be attended with 200 other migrants who have not given up and are waiting for some information or some breath of hope to be able to carry out their paperwork.

“We have been here for four days suffering sun and even rain, for two days it did not rain, they have us locked up here because there is nowhere to go, we just want them to help us because we don’t even have to eat, look at me, I just bring a piece of cake that they gave me, ”she explained.

INM has placed slits in which the same migrants have improvised with sheets and cardboard so as not to suffer the high temperatures when the sun falls point-blank on Central Americans.

The new provision of the immigration authorities represents for the hundreds of applicants a new obstacle in their drive to obtain the corresponding permits, since they claim they do not have the tools to request appointments through the virtual page.

“We can hardly get food, and now they ask us to make appointments online, I don’t even have a cell phone and now they come to ask me for this,” said Carlos Lara, another of the many who suffers from irregularities by the Chiapas delegation at the INM.

Foreigners have made a cry to the National Human Rights Commission (CNDH), to make the appropriate recommendations regarding the conditions in which the hundreds of migrants remain in this sector of the city, where some 60 children are in the company of their parents, in subhuman conditions and without being cared by immigration officials.

This Monday, the migrants will insist on obtaining a turn, which could worsen the situation in the place, since Migration has reported that only those who have made the move through the internet will be served for one turn. At the site, elements of the National Guard have taken control of the situation, at the risk of protests by foreigners.


San Cristobal Post