Campechano tacos and their popularity in Southeast Mexico


The term of the Tacos Campechanos arises with the arrival of the settlers to the state of Campeche.

Tacos Campechanos are a well-known dish in Mexico, due to their popularity they are usually related to the state of Campeche

The Tacos Campechano is a combination of flavors, in general, the tortilla is usually accompanied by different types of meat such as pastor, beef and suadero

The original name of the Taco Campechano is inspired by the culture of Southeast Mexico, since in the 18th century at the time of the pirates, people asked for mixes of drinks, which was known to the colonists as a “cocktail”. Therefore, the inhabitants of the community adopted a new term to refer to the combination of drinks such as “Campechano”.

Over time the term “Campechano” was transcending to other types of combinations, such as hearty seafood, which is a mixture of shrimp, oysters, and other ingredients, but always about the multiple combinations that can be integrated into a meal.

This is how the Taco Campechano came to different parts of Mexico, so the Campeche culture goes beyond a meal or a drink, it is a way of being among the inhabitants of the state of Campeche.


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