USMCA Corridor will benefit many future generations in the Mazatlan area


The state Secretary of the Economy Javier Lizarraga said that this would be an unprecedented project for the state and the country, which would benefit many future generations.

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- Closing the natural gas network and its distribution, continuing to bet on industrial diversification and completing pending projects, is the challenge that the Ministry of Economy has for this 2021, said Javier Lizárraga Mercado, head of this state agency.

In addition to this, he reported that it is likely that with the closure of this administration, the T-MEC railway project would start, which would be one of the most important railway plans that the country will have in recent years.

Secretary of the Economy Javier Lizarraga

“In a few more weeks the master plan of this corridor will be announced, it is an unprecedented private investment, we’re talking about a megaproject that will impact many generations to come and this year, if possible, the first stage of this important project could be started. in a first stage that would culminate in about five, seven years ”, said the State Secretary of Economy.

He added that the ‘master plan’ will be presented when the project officially starts and changes will be made to this destination from its foundations.

In the same way, Lizárraga Mercado indicated that this secretariat will conclude the construction of several industrial parks that are being built across the state, such as the Aerospace Park which construction works have already started in the north of the city.

Secretary of the Economy Javier Lizarraga

He also said that he will continue knocking on doors so that Tetakawi, (formerly The Offshore Group) a company that has industrial parks, shelter services & more is encouraged to invest in the port of Mazatlán.

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