Caribbean Series Mazatlán 2021 tickets at almost 30,000 pesos


From January 31 to February 6, the port will have a visit from players and fans from 4 Latin American countries

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- The Caribbean Series 2021 is about to become a reality on January 31, an event that will be of great benefit to the port, as it will place it in the eyes of Latin American countries.

Two weeks after the start of the competition, which will take place in the great “Teodoro Mariscal” stadium, we will give you details about this great event.

Participating countries

There are 6 countries that will give life to this sports competition, whose objective is to be crowned champions of the series. –Dominican Republic -Puerto Rico -Venezuela -Mexico -Panama -Colombia

It should be noted that Cuba was announced as “discarded” due to visa problems.

At least 50 people per team among players, managers, staff, among others, is the estimate that we have of arrivals to Mazatlán; joined by fans who follow his team, eager to see them champions. While there hasn’t been much movement in fan hotel room reservations so far, it is expected that once the winning teams from each country begin to be named, they will skyrocket considerably.

The arrival of these visits, it is expected, will represent an economic benefit estimated at 500 million pesos thanks to the arrival of thousands of baseball fans.

In the clouds!  It costs almost 30 thousand pesos to attend the Caribbean Series

Game ticket packages are being sold through a digital display

The Caribbean Series 2021 is fast approaching, so the sale of tickets for access to the games is about to skyrocket, but do you know how much it costs to be a spectator of these great games?

The recently remodeled Teodoro Mariscal stadium will be the sports venue that will witness this historic event for the port.

Ticket packages are being offered through the page that include 2 games per day from January 31 to February 6. In addition to the semifinal and final.

The cheapest package, with seats in the FAN and FAN PLUS zones (known as Bleachers), has a cost of 5 thousand 779 pesos.

Tickets with a seat located in the SKY PLUS area (second floor of the stadium), have a price of 7,860 pesos.

A little closer to the field, in the GOLD zone (known as lateral), the cost of the ticket package is 7,780 pesos.

For those who prefer to watch the games from privileged areas, the most expensive seats are for sale.

The PLATINO area, right in the center of the stadium, is offered at 19 thousand 570 pesos.

DIAMOND area, on one side of the playing field, the cost of the ticket package goes up to 22 thousand 580 pesos.

Finally, the most central seats and closest to Home, SUPREME DELUXE zone have a cost of 28,600 pesos.

It should be noted that only 40 percent of the stadium’s capacity will be allowed access, so ticket sales are limited.

So far, the zones continue with availability ranging from 300 to 600 seats, with the SKY PLUS and GOLD zones being the ones that are close to running out of spaces.


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