Private schools in Aguascalientes are back in face-to-face classes


Aguascalientes, Ags. Next Monday, January 18th, students of preschool, elementary, high school, and even professional level, from private schools, will be able to return to face-to-face classes, reported the International Association of Private Educational Institutions in the state, in order to receive to take classes, although with a limited number of students.

At a press conference in the voice of Héctor Sánchez Espinoza, the leader of this group pointed out that it seeks to offer face-to-face counseling to those students who are lagging behind the Distance Education program that has been taking place in recent months.

The leader of this group reported that this decision was taken after an agreement was signed with the state government and the measure will apply for the rest of January and February.

“If the situation improves, private institutions could go on to work under a hybrid scheme until they rejoin completely in person,” he said.

Immediately afterward, Sánchez Espinoza added that as of Monday, all private schools, whether or not they are affiliated with this association, will have the authorization to work with a limited number of students.

For his part, Juan Camilo Mesa, rector of the Cuauhtémoc University pointed out that for his part they will be able to receive a maximum of nine students per classroom, in sessions of maximum 50 minutes.

He stressed that these consultancies will be directed especially to those students who have lagged in their learning or suffer from some emotional complication due to remote work.

Other points that will be considered within the classrooms are:

● Use of face masks and / or mask inside the classrooms

● Temperature measurementADVERTISING

● Use of sanitizing mats

● Hand washing

● Use of foam or sanitizing liquid

● Previously sanitized classrooms

● That each student carry a disinfectant formula to sanitize their desks.

In the case of younger students, it will be the teachers who disinfect the spaces.

● Limited number of students in classrooms

Two other points recommended by the association are the installation of disinfectant UV lamps and sanitizing tunnels at the entrances of private schools, however, Sánchez Espinoza specified that this will only be accepted if the parents decide to apply it.

Finally, the representatives of the private schools in the entity reiterated that these consultancies will not be mandatory and that students who do wish to attend the classrooms must carry a responsive letter signed by their parents or guardians.

In Aguascalientes, about 45 thousand students of all levels study in private schools.

Source: La Jornada

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