San Cristobal de las Casas students of “Jacinto Canek Teachers School” demand their facilities reopen


In a statement, the students indicate that they have requested the immediate delivery of the institution’s facilities, which has been postponed since the previous year.

San Cristóbal de Las Casas.- The student base of the “Jacinto Canek” Intercultural Indigenous Normal School, respectfully requested a dialogue table from the General Secretariat of the Government to present issues that the former secretary Ismael Brito Mazariegos left pending.

In a statement, they indicate they have requested the immediate delivery of the facilities of the institution, which “has been postponed since the previous year and that despite showing willingness on the part of our student base and the municipality of Zinacantan for the immediate solution. It is the authority of the state that has obstructed the advance, leaving in evidence the null importance of our education ”.

On the subject of new teaching staff, they explain that the problem has persisted for two years “until now, no progress has been seen in terms of management. Our institution lacks professors who are really interested in our education and as future teachers, it prevents us from carrying out our academic training in the best way, since the state authorities have put obstacles in the way of finding a solution to this problem by making excuses ”.

“We make it clear that we have always privileged dialogue for the solvency of our needs, requesting tables, but the current government has been negative to listen to us. We are already tired of waiting since all this directly affects our academic training and threatens the education of each of the students of our institution, we need a solution and if there is not, we will look for the mechanisms to be listened to and cared for ”, they advise.

Finally, they clarify that the demands of the student base have always been in favor of improvement as future teachers, for which they regret that “they have never been addressed and taken into account, creating a lag in our education. The inefficiency of the authorities has led us to such a degree of not making progress in the steps that have been requested throughout this government.


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