Puerto Vallarta neighbors stop sidewalk expansion in Romantic Zone


Neighbors of the central Emiliano Zapata neighborhood protested the expansion of the sidewalk by the Avida real estate agency, on Francisco I. Madero Street, on the corner with Insurgentes, as individuals intend to privatize that public space in addition to reducing the parking spaces, they bet in construction and managed to stop it momentarily.

This is the corner where the emblematic Bahía Cinema used to be, a very busy place, even there several truck routes turn around and it is a stop. So the inhabitants of course warned that this work will cause chaos.


They complained that they were never consulted about this project, they regretted that they broke the cobblestones at midnight, they cut down the trees and bougainvillea to modify the sidewalk for their own benefit and not that of the community. 

Mrs. Shela Ortiz Cervantes lives in front of this work, and is one of the most affected, she pointed out that they do not agree with this abuse of the new building:

“We are dissatisfied because we always have the problem of vehicular spaces, and now more with this structure, that nobody can tell us who approved it, because they will limit us more, there will be no spaces, they totally reduced us,” he stated.


The neighbor said that Mayor Arturo Dávalos has not told them anything about it: “This was done overnight, I don’t know if he is aware of this movement … but they must have this little care because we are in election time ” .

Pedro Curiel also lives on the road all his life, and said he was annoyed with the City Council authorities for allowing it and warned that he will not vote for them again:

“The elections don’t come and the good people come out, they visit us, knock on the door and they just pass the voting and forget it; here we have this problem, they invaded the street, they have already felled all the Insurgentes trees and who knows what else they are going to do ”, he denounced.


Benjamín Martínez, president of the Neighborhood Council, recognized the courage and unity of the people and demanded to stop the work:  

“If they have a license, they showed it to the neighborhood committee, but the plans for this do not come in it, only the elevation of the building, this part is being extended around two meters and the disagreement is that it will remove parking spaces .. .we need to stop this work now. “

He pointed out that many families still live in these blocks, for whom it is important that their public spaces be respected.

Source: tribunadelabahia.com.mx

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