Armed “Pirates” rob Campeche fishermen on the open seas


In less than 12 days this year, there have been two boat robberies; The first event occurred at the Lerma dock, where heavily armed subjects subdued the fishermen to seize the engine of a boat, this during the first hours of the weekend.

While the second event occurred during the beginning of the week, where six hooded men intercepted the Felipe I boat, with registration number 0402101913-3, owned by Juan Pérez, which was located 13 nautical miles from the city of Campeche.

The “pirates” subdued the four fishermen using firearms (not specified), where they were tied up with plastic straps and first stripped of their cell phones and the motor of the Yamaha brand boat worth 90 thousand pesos.

To the good fortune of the “men of the sea” over time they were rescued by other fishermen who passed through the sector, for which they were towed to the 7 de Agosto dock in the capital city, where they belong, the fact was denounced by the owner of the ship waiting to find the violent “pirates”.


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