Covid vaccine arrive to Puerto Vallarta


This morning the Covid vaccine arrived in Puerto Vallarta. Escorted by elements of the National Guard, the navy, and the army, the doses arrived in a cooler at the IMSS clinic 42. The number of doses that arrived has not been revealed, but as is known, they will be applied in the first instance to medical personnel.

Last night the first shipment arrived in Guadalajara, which was described by Enrique Alfaro as a historical event. 

It had been said that the distribution logistics would be announced, however, during the early morning they were distributed in the state capital and in Vallarta.

Llega vacuna Covid a Puerto Vallarta

A video circulates on networks in which the arrival of the small shipment to the facilities of the General Hospital of Zone number 42 of the Social Security is appreciated, there, a person witnesses the arrival from the moment he is lowered from a truck and introduced to the facilities from the local medical center.

The cooler is carried from the back of the hospital and introduced through corridors to its final shelter inside the 42; at all times armed personnel guard the valuable cargo that will make possible the immunization of doctors, female doctors, nurses, nurses and other medical personnel who are in the front line of striking.

Vallarta accumulates 5,116 confirmed cases to date and the death of 252 people is reported, many of them part of the medical team.

With the beginning of the vaccination against COVID-19 starting this Wednesday, in Jalisco an important step is taken in the prevention strategy to contain the pandemic that has caused more than 158 thousand confirmed cases and more than 6 thousand 700 deaths throughout the state.


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