Mazatlan hoteliers seek online rental platforms regulations for 2021


The president of the association of hotels “Tres Islas” assured that a “level playing field” is being sought for all

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- The lack of accommodation regulation in condominiums, apartments, and homes continues to be a headache for the hotel sector, so in 2021 they will continue to insist that the regularization be applied.

The President of the “Tres Islas” hotel association, José Ramón Manguart Sánchez, assured that the main objective is to avoid fraud to tourists and achieve equality with the competition.

“At the local level, we have been and participating so that in the matter of property, garbage, and water, somehow they pay as a commercial activity because if they are carrying out a commercial activity they must pay as a commercial activity. And in the case of light, we will continue to insist and knock on doors with the legislative branch. In some way what is sought is that, only that there is a level floor so that we all have equal competition ”, he declared.

He affirmed that what is being sought is for Mazatlán to continue in the first places as tourist destinations by staying low in the number of cases of fraud, and in the current situation, due to the management of accommodations in the pandemic.

Since June 2020, the Federal Government began with the regulation of digital platforms that are dedicated to the rental of accommodation, who should be obliged to pay the Income Tax and the Value Added Tax.

“The other sense is the formality in the sector, which is precisely why a level playing field is required so that we all have the same tax obligations and the same operating costs and that in some way the service is privileged, that is, who is going to win? The one with the best service, that is something we have to start from in order to somehow generate guarantees for the people who choose these accommodation alternatives, ”said Manguart Sánchez.


The Mazatlan Post