Every hour 5 people are infected with COVID-19 in Quintana Roo


Benito Juárez, Solidaridad and Othón P. Blanco, the municipalities with the highest alert for COVID-19 in Quintana Roo.

In one day, an average of 5 Quintana Roo per hour tested positive for COVID-19, so the alert of an increase in the speed of contagion remains, but also the lack of awareness of citizens who continue to crowd parks, squares, clubs, beaches, restaurants and other places where essential activities are not carried out, ignoring the recommendations of the health sector to avoid the rapid spread of the disease

According to the daily technical statement of the State Health Secretariat, until noon yesterday 122 new infections were reported, eight deaths, and 49 people in social isolation, all over thin the last 24 hours.

Statewide 16,460 people have tested positive since the pandemic started, yet the death figure is still unknown because the test was not carried out on dead people, therefore their death was not related to the coronavirus but another respiratory disease.

From March to date, Quintana Roo adds 2,085 deaths, there are currently 357 cases under study, also 659 people are in social isolation and 235 are being treated in a hospital.

The same figures from the Secretariat reveal that having the disease under control or that it begins to decline is far from being a reality, since from January 1 to 9, 492 people were reported positive for SARS-CoV-2.

Human losses due to the virus have not stopped either, since in the days passed in 2021 there are already 54 people dead in the entity, that is, an average of 6 deaths per day.

The most serious scenario is in Benito Juárez since this 2021 began with a hospital occupancy of 22% and in just 9 days rose to 28 percent since in that same period 275 people tested positive for the virus, this means 30 benitojuarences per hour.

This increase made the authorities of the General Hospital “Jesús Kumate Rodríguez” view the situation with concern and once again requested to reinstall the tents enabled to care for patients with an illness other than COVID-19 and the hospital was assigned, as at the beginning of the emergency, to house only coronavirus patients.

Another alarm is in Solidaridad, since in the first 9 days of the year the hospital occupation increased from 15 percent on January 1 to 18 percent this Saturday. In this municipality at the same time, 66 positive cases of coronavirus and five deaths were counted.

Othón P. Blanco, a demarcation that houses Chetumal, the capital of Quintana Roo, 99 people have tested positive for coronavirus in the past days of 2021 and five people have been fatal victims of the disease. Despite this, the report from the Health authorities indicates that there was a decrease in hospital occupancy since on January 1 it had 15 percent and this Saturday 13 percent.

A fact that contrasts with the current figures of positive tests are the speed of growth of cases since on January 1 the data from the Health authorities showed that in the north it was 0.23 and in the south, it was 0.19, but in the Epidemiological bulletin yesterday in the north dropped to 0.17 and the south is the same.

The northern part of Quintana Roo is made up of the municipalities Benito Juárez, Cozumel, Isla Mujeres, Lázaro Cárdenas, Puerto Morelos, Tulum and Solidaridad, in this area there are 372 positive cases of coronavirus in the first 9 days of the year.

The south is made up of the municipalities Bacalar, Felipe Carrillo Puerto, José María Morelos and Othón P. Blanco, in this area there are 120 positive cases of COVID-19 so far in 2021.

Meanwhile, the entity is waiting for the arrival of vaccines against SARS-CoV-2, from the pharmaceutical company Pfizer, which is scheduled for arrival on January 11, 2021. It is expected to receive 16,575 doses that will benefit 8,286 health workers, who care for coronavirus patients on the front line.

The state Health Secretariat reported that during stages one and two of the application of rapid tests, to detect active cases of coronavirus, 14,333 tests were performed. The first stage was carried out from December 12 to 24, 2020 in the municipalities of Othón P. Blanco, Solidaridad, and Benito Juárez with a total of 8,000 tests. The second stage took place on December 26 of the same year as of January 8, 2021, and 6,334 tests were applied.

Figures accumulated by COVID-19 until yesterday.

Benito Juárez has 7,661 positive cases, 1,313 deaths and 6,105 recovered, while Othón P. Blanco registered 4,000 tests, 355 positive cases, 241 deaths, and 3,785 people who have recovered their health.

In Solidaridad, there are t2,042 infected people, 236 deaths, and 1,688 people recovered. Cozumel has 550 positive cases, 107 deaths, and 383 recovered patients.

Felipe Carrillo Puerto has 413 positive cases, 54 people have died and 318 patients have been recovered. Lázaro Cárdenas has so far 367 infected, 27 deaths from coronavirus, and 312 people who have recovered their health.

In Tulum, it has 331 positive cases, 26 deaths from coronavirus, and 284 recovered, followed by Bacalar with 298 positive cases, 10 deaths, and 267 that have recovered.

Isla Mujeres reported 242 positive people, 22 have died and 200 have recovered. José María Morelos has 162 positive cases, 37 confirmed deaths from coronavirus, and 116 patients who have recovered.

Puerto Morelos with 39 positive cases, 12 deaths, and 23 people recovered from the disease.

Source: poresto.mx

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