The new rate enters into force on the Isla Mujeres-Gran Puerto Ferry


This Thursday, January 7, an increase will be applied in the rate of the maritime passenger transport service, provided by the Ultramar company, on the Isla Mujeres-Gran Puerto route and vice versa.

This was confirmed by the Ultramar company, this Monday, through a statement that states that as of next Thursday, January 7 of this year 2021, the transport rate for resident and islanders will be adjusted with a slight increase, which will go from 42 to 45 pesos in a single trip or 84 pesos to 90 pesos in a round trip.

The manager of the Ultramar company, Arturo Báez, explained that unfortunately the company sees the need to make an adjustment in the rate of the resident or local user, which had not happened since 2015.

He said that after several years holding the same rate, it was finally decided to make the small increase of three pesos for the first week of this year that has just started.

He commented that since last week they placed the respective notices in the terminals of Isla Mujeres and Gran Puerto, so that people are aware of this increase scheduled for next Thursday from the first trip, and the change in prices does not take them by surprise. . 

The manager acknowledged that this increase does not come at a good time, but unfortunately they also have maintenance expenses and the purchase of spare parts for the boats, in addition to the fact that fuel continues to increase.

About this increase, he explained that the company has also notified the Comprehensive Port Administration of Quintana Roo (Apiqroo).


The Cancun Post