Cancun, Puerto Morelos, Isla Mujeres lower their hotel room rates as low as 10 usd


At the beginning of the year, hoteliers in the north of the state are applying various strategies to attract more tourism.

Given the slowness of how reservations have been made these days, some hotels in the north of Quintana Roo choose to lower their rates.

This was assured by Roberto Cintrón, president of the Cancun, Puerto Morelos, and Isla Mujeres Hotel Association, given the downward variation in prices for accommodation in the northern part of the state.

In an interview, the leader of the hoteliers pointed out that reservations have been presented much slower than in other years and are made one or two weeks in advance

“This is good, but it causes anxiety in the sector and many, due to the desperation that they do not see the reservations arrive, are trying to attract more tourists with punished rates,” he said.

Regarding how much the sector has currently lowered rates in Quintana Roo, the hoteliers indicated that it is highly variable since the month can be started with a discount, but recovered at the end of the month

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“The type of commercialization that we have today allows us to go out on the market with penalized rates, but since we already have an online management, it is possible, based on supply and demand, as rooms are filled, the rates increase as well,” he explained

Roberto Cintrón explained that if the hotelier starts the month with a 20, 30, or 40 percent discount, it does not necessarily end that period with those rates, because they can gradually increase them.

“There are tourist destinations in the world that offer gift prices, such as Las Vegas with rates of $10 per night or up to $ 30 in 5-star hotels; against all that we have to compete ”, he said

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In Cancun, according to the platform, in a hotel of 2 stars or less in the center of the city, you can find rooms from 574 pesos per night or down to 198 pesos

While in 3-star accommodation in the center of the city, a room can cost 811 pesos per night or up to 3,382 pesos.

For its part, in a 4-star hotel or more in the hotel zone, the average room per night is 4,114 pesos per person, although there are double room rates of 4,362 pesos per night

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Good closing of the year

Regarding the closing of the year, he assured that it was good, with a
64.8 percent general average occupancy, motivated by the special permits granted to hotels to reach up to 80 percent occupancy.

“This exemption was granted as long as all the health prevention protocols were met,” he said.

The Ministry of Tourism reported that 154 hotels took part in this end-of-year program.

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“We see that a more moved flow of reservations begins towards the fourth week of January and the beginning of February, when we expect to be around 50 percent, according to the air operations we have,” he said.

Regarding the claims of workers in the sense that there are massive layoffs in the lodging centers, the leader of the hoteliers affirmed that basically, they are not layoffs, but breaks

“Normally the hotels hire temporary workers for these dates, which have a termination of their contract, yes there are contract terminations, but it is not a dismissal,” he said.

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In this sense, he explained that the occupancy drops after the week of Christmas and New Year, which is why the staff rest, although the number of workers is highly variable for each hotel, he said.


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