Oaxaca does not rule out holding the Guelaguetza 2021 a “Mexico must go to festival”


Whether in virtual or face-to-face format, the tourist authorities of Oaxaca do not rule out the realization of the Guelaguetza this year.

The next Guelaguetza 2021 in July could be carried out once again virtually, indicated the Oaxaca Tourism Secretariat.

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However, Juan Carlos Rivera Castellanos, Secretary of Tourism of the entity does not rule out that it could be done in person.

“It could happen, if the conditions are met and if by then the vaccines are already in place in the entity.”

GUELAGUETZA 2018: Primer Desfile de Delegaciones (Galería) - Vive Oaxaca -  Pagina oficial Vive Oaxaca - Pagina oficial

The secretary recalled that last year the Guelaguetza was made virtually with a remembrance of the festivals of previous years.

“We hope that the pandemic will allow us to carry it out in person, and if all happens, it will be held on Monday, July 19 and Monday, July 26,” he said.

GUELAGUETZA 2016: Segundo Desfile de Delegaciones de la Guelaguetza 2016  (Galería Fotográfica) - Vive Oaxaca - Pagina oficial Vive Oaxaca - Pagina  oficial

He highlighted that the Guelaguetza Auditorium, where previous editions have been held, has a capacity for more than 11,200 people per function.

“There are several months to determine the format, but we are preparing for any modality,” said Juan Carlos Rivera Castellanos.

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For now, the secretary reiterated that on February 19 the call that the state government and the Oaxaca Tourism Secretariat launched to choose the official image for July closes , when the 2021 Guelaguetza festival will take place.

In which artists, students and the Oaxacan society in general, over 18 years of age, may participate.

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And who through their work, individual and unpublished, should represent the eight regions of the state of Oaxaca.

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