Engine explosion forces Aeroméxico plane to abort in Cancun (Video).


After taking the runway for takeoff and shortly before taking up altitude, the explosion of one of the engines, presumably caused by a bird, caused the Aeroméxico aircraft B738-8 to stop abruptly to abort the takeoff of flight AM549, with itinerary Cancun CDMX, causing nervousness among passengers.

The airline reported that “the captain, following all the company’s security protocols, aborted the takeoff to pay attention to the unexpected failure of an engine caused by a bird strike during the takeoff run,” there were shouts and nervous breakdowns of some passengers.

The emergency protocols at the Cancun International Airport were immediately activated to provide attention to the passengers and the aircraft, which remained on the ground until it was repaired. According to the Aeroméxico statement, the affected customers were relocated to other flights so that they could reach their destinations.

Source: nitu.mx, milenio.com

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