The Magic of Mazunte beaches in Oaxaca (video)


Mazunte is so far my favorite beach in Mexico. Perhaps this is because it was here that I fell in love with @Roukz, but it also has to do with the magic that emanates from the “sacred hill” Punta Cometa, which for generations has attracted young people who dream of freedom and that the world can be different.

In this travel guide I am going to tell you about everything you can do in Mazunte, now that you are thinking of visiting Oaxaca:

How to get to Mazunte

By plane

The magical town of Mazunte is part of the Pacific route in Oaxaca, it is located between Puerto Escondido and Huatulco. As it belongs to the municipality of Pochutla, the easiest way to get there is by plane, buying your ticket to the Huatulco International Airport, and when landing, take a taxi that takes you to town, it is about 40 minutes. Taxi prices vary a lot if you take it inside the Airport or outside it, here it depends on your budget.
By car

We left from the city of Oaxaca to Mazunte, taking the highway that passes through San Pedro del Pacífico, we did about 6 hours and that is the shortest route. It was worth it because we also got to know a little about this enigmatic corner in the mountains, where hallucinogenic mushrooms sprout in summer, but that is another adventure that I will tell you about later. Take a full tank of your car, because once you start climbing the mountains, there is no opportunity to load more, the next gas station is up to Pochutla, so keep that in mind.

Where to stay when you arrive in Mazunte

Be careful, it is best to make a reservation before arriving. Here again, it depends on the budget you have and the season in which you travel.

Hotel El Copal

Three minutes walk from Mermejita Beach, it is a place that has known how to take advantage of its surroundings and make a symbiosis with the environment. El Copal has cool and comfortable Tipis and Cabins. Don’t expect air conditioning or a fridge in the room, Mazunte is not about that; enjoy nature and the peace that the sea breeze brings. I think this place is ideal if you are looking for a private space to romance and be quiet. The hotel restaurant is famous for its aguachile and fish tacos, seriously delicious! I would like to eat them again.

On the Hotel El Copal website, you can check availability and promotions, they have different types of rooms for each style of traveler

Architect’s Inn

Another place of the style, but a little more crowded due to its location right in front of Playa El Rinconcito. There are different types of rooms here, including outdoor hammocks that are ideal for backpackers. The plus of these hammocks is that when there are no clouds on the coast, you can see the milky way in all its glory. They also have a restaurant and show art films and documentaries. Mazunte would not be the same without the Posada del Arquitecto.

The best places to eat tasty in Mazunte

Shooting Star

The restaurant that we recommend is Estrella Fugaz, it is not the only one in Mazunte but it is one of the tastiest, here is the link to their Facebook page, in case you want to know their promotions and the events they have scheduled.

At night there is almost always something to go to see, a circus show, independent artists who come to Mazunte and perform there, reggae nights, rock, in short, everything. Did I mention that happy hour is from 3 pm to 11 pm?

Choose your beach style

The most famous beaches in Mazunte are: Playa el Rinconsito, Playa Principal and also Playa Mermejita

El Rinconcito beach

Here all the cool people who come to Mazunte gather, it is the best beach for swimming. The waves are strong, but fun, where everyone comes to fight the waves and feel a little adrenaline or to sunbathe and cool off with the breeze. On this beach, you can breathe an atmosphere of tolerance, relax, you can go topless, smoke with your friends, play in the sea, even meditate in the morning.

Do not believe me but we have seen inexplicable things on the beach, I leave you a photo of something that we saw that gave us a lot to think about, if you know how this spiral was formed on the beach, please leave a comment because why rather than looking for a logical explanation, we do not give credit to what we saw.

Playa Principal

Good to play the chela in front of the sea, the waves are quite strong, and sometimes enough to practice surfing, in my opinion, it is dangerous to swim, but anyway there are always people cooling off on this side of the sea. One activity you can do here is horseback riding, nothing more romantic, right?

Mermejita Beach

It is the quietest beach in Mazunte, the sand has the characteristic of being black due to the nearby underwater volcanic activity. It is the beach with the best sunset of all, it is possible to see whales in winter.

A very private and quiet beach, good for walking, talking, and meditating.

Punta Cometa, the sacred hill of the Pacific

For centuries, the hill today called Punta Cometa represents a special place in the worldview of our culture. Its location makes it a privileged place to observe the stars. In the days before Cuauhtémoc, there was a structure that served as an observatory, of which today only the vestiges that they call the stone corral remain. Legend says that the Anahuac treasure is buried in this hill, however, it is evident that the treasure is precisely the astronomical knowledge that can be acquired by observing the stars from this site.

It is normal to find remains of offerings or to see groups performing ceremonies on this hill. As I said, for centuries people have come to ask for their health, to give thanks for the abundance, or to show their respect for grandparents, the sun, and the earth. I attest that there is magic in the place and that the wish that I had 4 years ago and expressed while watching the sunset is a reality today.

I recommend you go up to Punta Cometa half an hour before the sun sets, check on your cell phone the exact time of sunset so that you do not arrive too early or too late to enjoy it.

I want you to understand that it is a SACRED place for the people of Mazunte, have respect, in Punta Cometa you are just a guest, follow the rules and deposit the garbage in the containers that the town placed at the entrance, and if you see someone doing the opposite, guide him to do the right thing.

Recently a couple of deer were seen in the area, please keep the place clean to preserve this sanctuary.

Activities and walks in Mazunte

All you have to do is walk for a while at El Rinconcito Beach for a boatman to approach you and offer you the available rides in the area, they generally offer three, a morning boat ride, a visit to the Ventanilla beach mangroves, and the night tour to bio-luminous lagoons.

Morning boat ride

It consists of getting on the boat around 8 am and going out to sea to visit the nearby beaches, observe marine life, turtles, manta rays, and other fish that inhabit the place. The main attraction of the tour is the opportunity to see dolphins and even whales in winter. The tour lasts around 2 hours and has an approximate price of $ 200.00MXN per person.

Be careful, I recommend you negotiate the price, sometimes you can get a discount. It is normal that they ask you for 50 pesos as an advance to reserve your place for the next morning, the boatmen are people of their word, but if you are suspicious, just ask them to give you a receipt, nothing happens.

Mangroves in Ventanilla Beach

15 minutes from Mazunte is the community that protects the mangrove of Playa Ventanilla, access has a price of $ 50MXN per person, plus parking and the tip you want to give the guide. Bring water, sunscreen, and a hat.

The tour through the mangrove lasts 1 hour and you can observe the flora and fauna of the place. We must support the community that is in charge of maintaining the mangrove since it was severely affected by the recent hurricanes and lost almost 80% of its flora.

Bio-luminous lagoons

This walk is at night, and it is only advisable to go on days of a new moon or a crescent quarter, perhaps even on a half-moon night. This is due to the fact that the reflection of the moonlight does not allow us to appreciate the bio-luminous effect of the plankton on the lagoon. We did not have the opportunity to do the tour, if you have already done it, please leave a comment and tell me how it is.

Zipolite, Mazunte’s sister beach

Zipolite is the most famous nudist beach in Oaxaca, it is 15 minutes away by car or truck. It is very easy to get there and you are going to have an amazing time. The nightlife in Mazunte is very quiet, but in Zipolite the story is another, if you want to have fun in the evening, Zipolite has a lot to offer you. Do not stop going, you are going to have fun and remember that walking as God brought you into the world is completely optional.


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