Durango will receive vaccine in mid-January


The State Secretary of Health, Sergio González Romero, reported that about 3,000 workers in the health sector in Durango will be the first to receive the vaccine

Although it is not yet known precisely, it must be from the second half of January when the vaccination for health personnel who care for Covid patients begins, since according to the Secretary of Health, Sergio González Romero, they will receive this biological about three thousand workers in the sector, to later continue with the scheduled schedule for the rest of the population.

As the vaccination process for personnel working in the first line of care for infected patients is already beginning in several states of the country, the federal authorities have not yet established a specific date for Durango, so the Secretary of Health cannot give know a specific date.

“What is a fact is that in the first stage around eight thousand doses will arrive for the entity, which will serve perfectly to apply them to some three thousand workers who, due to their functions, require protection against the lethal SARS-CoV virus -2 ”, he detailed.

Perhaps it could be in the second week of January or the first days of February when the application of this biological to said workers begins, González Romero reiterated.

Likewise, the logistics that will follow for the application of the first doses that will arrive in Durango are still unknown, however, there are many possibilities that it will be done in military installations, as has happened in the states where this stage of inoculation for personnel has already begun. that works in the first line of care for Covid-19 patients.

He also indicated that once the health personnel is covered, they will begin to apply vaccines to the open population, only that they will go gradually as the Ministry of Health has programmed at the federal level and the campaign for risk ages would begin at the beginning of the month of March.

Source: elsoldedurango.com.mx

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